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so im fucked then.

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So I just feel the need to say that tonight with my family, Dallas Buyers Club was mentioned and I blurted, “But its so transphobic.” And my family asked me why and I told them, sanely and rationally how it’s important to have real, accurate representation of people who need a voice and need portrayal (and how Jared Leto was NOT) and that there are perfectly good trans people who would’ve been perfect for the role and someone said, “but who has the star power to bring in people that’s big enough” and I was like, “Laverne Cox is a beautiful, wonderfully amazing trans Actress and would’ve been perfect for the role.”

And, and… They all nodded their heads and agreed with me and how we need to be inclusive and holy shit tumblr what have you done to me?! This. Was. Awesome!

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Having Chronic Illness is…



.. knowing you have a ton of things to do but accepting the fact that the urge to nap will heavily outweigh all semblance of reason.


no it’s not 

Well hi there, McCrankypants!

I’m the OP and I have three chronic illnesses. It was meant to be funny, and a lot of people obviously agree with it. A lot of people in the chronic illness community on tumblr post stuff like this to cheer each other up, because life really sucks ass sometimes when you’ve got chronic illness. And a lot of the time, these people need naps to thrive and survive. And people don’t always understand. So yeah.

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So… I’m staying with my Dad, Step-Mom, Half Brother and Half Sister for the weekend to get a break from all my health stuff and like, it’s hard being here.

On the one hand, I get to see my siblings and I love them very dearly but then I’ve been noticing the subtle changes from my life versus theirs and it’s very irksome.

Every little detail of their lives is catered to, and everything is covered without them needing to worry about a thing. My brothers doom room, food, money for school supplies… all of it is made sure he is ok at college. You know who helped me apply to schools? Nobody but myself. My Opa’s inheritance and FAFSA got me through school and I worked while I went to school to make sure my traveling and food needs were covered. I lived with friends and on my own in a 10x15 foot studio because dorm living was far to expensive. My brother has never worked a day in his life. I’ve been working since it was legal for me to do so. Part of the reason I couldn’t finish school was because of money. Today my dad talked to me about them going to Grad school.

My sister, is working, but she rarely spends any of her own money (to my knowledge). Her medicine is covered. Food. Gas. Clothing. Non-essentials. All of it is completely covered. Things I stress about on a regular basis. I haven’t had a hair cut in a year. My glasses are three years old. I rarely buy new clothing for myself. I’m on food stamps.

My brother got a free ride to Italy his Senior year. My sister in a month? France. I sold candy bars to make enough money to go to Spain with my art class when I was 16.

I don’t want to complain because my dad has done a ton for me and I’d be royally screwed without him but like… why couldn’t I have that? Why can’t I have those things? About 90% of the things that stress me the fuck out would be totally inconsequential if I was in their shoes. I’m glad they never had to go through what I’ve been through. But I am incredibly jealous as well. Is that wrong?

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A skeleton of a mother, and her baby, who both died during her pregnancy.

this is so fucking cool

how on earth is this cool this is literally the remains of a mother and a child she never even got to see. have some respect smh

its cool because its an intact skeleton within an intact skeleton. sad sure, but still cool, get off the pedestal. 

I’m not sure if this is even real? Pretty sure babies don’t go THAT far up the ribcage. And even if it did, it’d likely be breach and would’ve died anyways, depending on the time era they died in (breach babies are relatively common now but are easily fixed.)

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My dog York won’t do it for the vine by Wellington Boyce

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Even old dogs need love too. These elders will probably love you and trust you and be by your side more than any other age. These are animals who know what life is about and know how tough it can be or how easy it can be. They’ve probably been through hardships just like us humans - though theirs are different, they still view them as hardships, so who are we to say “that isn’t emotionally scarring”?

Give old dogs a chance. Don’t pass them up in the shelter because they won’t live as long. Don’t give your dog away because his face is turning gray. Look at how adorable this old canine is! What a beautiful animal. Save, keep, cherish… an old dog. For all the old ladies and men out there in the canine world!


You guys obviously know that my dogs are old - Ernie is 13 and Titus is 15. The idea that people actually give up throw away their dogs when the dogs get old just makes my blood boil. 

Whether you meant it or not, you told that dog when you brought him or her home that it would be for life, that you understood he or she would be totally dependent on you for the rest of its life.

Yeah, an old dog is going to have bladder control issues and pee in the house. Deal with it. Paper towels work great. Yeah, an old dog is going to have trouble going up and down stairs. Fucking pick it up and carry him or her up and down the stairs. And if you’re not physically able to pick it up, enlist someone with a conscience to help you.

That dog looked at you as a parent and best friend for a decade or more. When old, they are like a parent who needs its kids help to finish out his or her life with dignity, love, and respect. As long as it is not suffering with pain that can’t be alleviated, you made a commitment to continue giving it the best life possible.

Man up. Or don’t have dogs (or cats or whatever) you won’t take responsibility for.

I’ve grown a lot since my first dog, and I literally feel chest-achingly sick that someone gets rid of a family pet for any reason.

I will let Dante dribble on me, drool on me, shed on me… He will very likely end up in a wheel cart but I’ll be damned if that’ll stop him from living comfortably and staying with me. Whatever he may do in his last days, I will be there for him when it happens. He doesn’t know any other world but me and for all the happiness he brings me, he deserves at least that much.

I’ve had to give a couple animals to the pound in my life and I am still wracked with horrible guilt for not being able to provide for them properly (because I was under 18 an didn’t have anything else I could do for them). They’re family who trust and love you unconditionally. Why would you get rid of that?

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