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For when you find that specal someone

an eggagment ring


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Sweet sassy molassy!

I am so in love with Natalie Dormer (date her or be her IDONTKNOW) and I thought I couldn’t love her anymore than I did until I find out she has a freaking Dune tattoo?!?

Stop it. Stop it you, with your beauty and your talent and HDKAMAHALFBENAKFNDK.

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If there’s anything else…


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"Our Leader The Mockingjay" - The brand new Mockingjay Part 1 Teaser Trailer

*incoherent screeching*

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Places of Solitude, 2013 | by Laura Tidwell

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this vine is better than all of paranormal activity

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crystal-garden-keeper asked:
Hi, i found you through flomations helper box and thought you could help. My friends (seriously, its not me pretending its my friend who has problems) has grown to romantically care for her only irl friend she has left. It hurts her to like someone but she is so scared that if she tells her, she wont want to be friends and just fade away after awhile cause that has apparently happened before. I have never been in a relationship so i really dont know how to help. can you maybe?

Hmm, this is a tricky situation, because I’m presuming said friend is an online friend, yes? Unfortunately, as an outsider and one who may not know the physical workings of the relationship off the internet, there are likely some things that you don’t know - how they interact in person together for example, or the situation as to which their friendship has stemmed from.

If your friend has come to terms with liking someone of the same sex (which it seems she may have as she’s had prior experience?), her feelings for not wanting to push her friendship into something more is completely understandable. Generally speaking, liking someone of the same sex when you’re just starting to understand yourself and feel out relationships, is tough because of how heteronormative our culture has turned out to be. I think a lot of girls who end up liking someone of the same sex have a fear that even if the relationship wouldn’t work out, they’d likely lose a good friend in the process (and of course, this isn’t purely a same sex attraction thing, heterosexual attraction can have the same problem, but I do think it’s trickier water for same sex relationships.)

My advice to you, as an outside source clearly trying to support your online friend, is to be there and listen to her concerns but this is something that you can’t push her in either way to or from. This has got to be done on her own terms, in her own time, and even if nothing comes to fruition from it, she likely needs someone whom she can vent to online her frustrations and tribulations. That’s more than likely where you come in, and it’s not an easy place to be in. If this is upsetting you on a personal level, you need to tell your friend that you’re concerned about her and how this friendship and her hidden feelings may be dominating more than she can see, that you as an outside source can.

I was actually in this situation myself a few years back and was highly concerned that I’d lose a good friend in the process of letting my feelings be known to her, and in a way, it did affect our friendship when I told her how I really felt. But having feelings out on the table can also be really beneficial and sometimes, if the sides are to evenly weighed, one may need a slight push from an outside source to see how they would like to progress. If I were to voice any advice for someone in this spot, I would tell them that they need to take a step back and see how detrimental not being honest with themselves can actually be, and what their true expectations from this friendship is.

All in all, that’s a tough situation to be in as a friend. By being there for her already and voicing your concern, you’re doing the right thing, but this really needs to be settled between the two of them in person, and on their own. Best of luck! :)

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If you’re considering shaving off half your head of hair ala Natalie Dormer…

DO IT! It’s amazing.

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